I am a writer, editor, and journalist covering outdoor adventure and travel with a few offbeat stories here and there. 

My work has taken me heliboarding in Russia, rickshaw-riding across India, trekking through the jungles of Central & South America, splitboard mountaineering in the Alps, hiking in South Korea, ice climbing in Alaska, mountain biking in Bhutan, & onsen soaking in Japan. Currently based in Boulder, Colorado. - Scott Yorko

Recent Stories:


Slaying The Dragon

The Red Bulletin | December 2018

It’s 2 a.m. on a clammy, pitch-black morning in early September, and the air smells like cow dung. Under the glare of a spotlight, the Bhutanese road safety crew is dancing what looks like the Macarena. Their gentle movements mimic a slow-tempoed karate while the soft sounds of an Asian flute flutter in the background... continue reading



The Snowboarder’s Journal | December 2018

Julien “Pica” Herry is not sweating, even though he’s wearing four layers including an insulated vest and a shell, and bootpacking straight up Chamonix’s Gigord Couloir. It’s a sunny and warm March day and the Frenchman’s fleece-lined goggles are still resting on his face… continue reading


My Younger Mentor

Elevation Outdoors | December 2018

When I first met Ryan in 2012, I was looking for an ice axe. I was not stranded on a crevasse-riddled glacier or bootpacking up a refrozen couloir, but I was lost—in the used gear section of Next Adventure, a gear shop in Portland, Oregon. I’d just moved there from across the country with a splitboard, a wetsuit and a… continue reading


Tof Henry Is the fastest skier in chamonix

Powder Magazine | October 2018

Swedish photographer Daniel Rönnbäck was standing in the tramline of Chamonix’s Aiguille du Midi with the late Andreas Fransson when he first saw Christophe “Tof” Henry. It was 2012…continue reading


Big Boots To fill

Backcountry Magazine | October 2018

It’s just after 8 a.m., and they’re loading the first bin of the day, ascending toward the summit of Grand Montets in the Chamonix Valley, where the morning cloud cover is leaking streaks of sunlight onto the cold, blue peaks holding up the sky. If there’s room for bread, then… continue reading


The Juneau Icefield Research Project

Popular Mechanics | September 2018

The microphone was on, but the presentation hadn’t started. Steven Squyres, NASA’s principal investigator for the Mars Exploration Rover mission, stood next to the stage as a few hundred audience members shuffled in to watch… continue reading


Driving The FInal Mile

Men’s Journal | August 2018

There are some well-worn ass marks in the cracked vinyl seat of Loren Upton’s 1966 CJ-5 Jeep, dubbed the Sand Ship Discovery. That’s no surprise, given that, starting in 1984, he spent five years driving… continue reading


Surviving The Darien Gap

Playboy | May 2018

“If you perish in the jungle, what would you like us to do with your remains?” The question comes from Simon Edwards, whom I met three minutes ago. “The rest of us already talked about it,” he goes on… continue reading